5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Decoration Ideas

Organising your wedding venue is about more than just choosing the right location. That’s your starting point, but if you want to make it truly bespoke, you’ll likely be looking for some wedding decoration ideas to put your personal stamp on the day.

However, if you are worried about the environmental impact of your wedding, one of the ways you can ‘go green’ is with your decorations. Here, we’ve put together some eco-friendly wedding decoration ideas inspired by our own bespoke collection of items for hire so that you can dress your event without taking a toll on the environment.

It’s also worth noting that it is much less wasteful to hire items than to buy them and not know what to do with them afterwards! So, just by hiring your wedding decorations rather than buying them, you are making an eco-friendly choice.

Artisan-made rustic candelabra

Supporting artisan-made products is a great way to be more eco-friendly because you are favouring sustainable handcrafting over mass production, which has a much more significant environmental impact.

Our antique brass Rustic 3 Stem Candelabras, for example, have been handcrafted by artisans using traditional methods, with a rustic finish created during the soldering process. These candelabras would make great table centrepieces or strategically placed around the room to provide warm mood lighting. Wherever you put them, these candelabras offer the perfect balance between luxury and rustic charm.

Handmade glass vases

Here at Glas, we also have a range of handmade artisan glass vases, created using traditional methods. By hiring them, you are helping artisans’ work reach a wider audience rather than supporting mass-produced products.

The vases are perfect for housing flowers and other foliage but could also be filled with pebbles, glass beads or LED displays. They can also be used as decorations in their own right, especially if you mix a selection of our green and blue vases and bottle vases, which can make a brilliant colourful display. For a more rustic look, our glass vases with aged iron stands can be mixed with our smoked grey vases.

Tealight holders

Like handmade glass vases, tealight holders are a wonderfully versatile and eco-friendly wedding decoration. Our tealight holders for hire are available in gold or blue with a matt metallic finish that gives a rustic look. 

If you use them for their intended purpose, they cast an ambient low light and provide an intimate atmosphere, but they can also be displayed on their own as part of a wall display or filled with stones or foliage.

Bar cart made from reclaimed wood

You can’t get much more eco-friendly than reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is wood that is no longer needed for its original purpose and instead of simply being destroyed, it is repurposed for new applications. Products made from reclaimed wood make for great eco-friendly wedding decoration ideas.

Our wheeled bar cart made from reclaimed wood and iron piping makes a great industrial statement and is the perfect place to display cocktails or wine for guests to help themselves from, or you can use it as a sweet cart for treats that all your guests can enjoy.

Handmade neon light sign using reclaimed wood

Another great wedding decoration idea that makes use of reclaimed wood is our handmade neon sign. Infusing your wedding vows with some light-hearted banter, our ‘til death do us party’ sign is made by neon light artists and framed by us here at Glas. This contemporary feature would look great inside the entrance to your reception or against an exposed brick wall for a mix of rustic and modern.


Many of us are trying to make greener choices that are kinder to the planet, but a wedding does come with some environmental impact. You don’t want to sacrifice the important things like travelling guests’ transportation if you’re trying to make your wedding more eco-friendly, but you can make green choices when it comes to your decorations, without sacrificing any quality whatsoever.

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