Alternative Wedding Ideas for Unconventional Couples

Not everyone dreams of a conventional wedding. Whilst many traditions are part of the magic, you don’t have to stand on ceremony if you want to make your special day more personal. Here are a few alternative wedding ideas for those who want to make their celebration truly unique.

Find a venue that holds a special place in your heart

Whilst many conventional weddings are held in churches or religious buildings, that doesn’t mean yours has to be. Looking for a unique and non-traditional venue that has some significance to one or both of you will make your wedding that much more personalised. 

This venue could be on family property, near the place you met, or just somewhere that you feel represents you as a couple. These unconventional locations can make your ceremony that much more special.

Opt for handcrafted, artisan decorations

It’s hard to get unique decorations if they are mass-produced but, by their very nature, handcrafted artisan decorations are one-of-a-kind. Artisan decorations are available in all kinds of styles and are often made from natural, sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood or antique brass that will give any wedding a unique and charming vibe. If you hire these decorations rather than buy them, you’ll also be making a much more eco-friendly choice as there will be no waste.

Introduce unusual textures into your décor

We often associate typical weddings with very clean and polished décor, so if you’re looking for alternative wedding ideas for something a bit more unconventional, why not consider more rustic and industrial-style textures? 

This type of décor has become much more fashionable in recent years, but not often for weddings. Mixing industrial metals and reclaimed or natural wood with softer textures and foliage would create a unique design that perfectly balanced rustic and contemporary.

Set a non-traditional colour scheme

Many weddings use only a couple of colours for their theme, but if you’re looking for alternative wedding ideas, you don’t have to stick to convention. If you opt for too many colours you may no longer be working in a ‘theme’ but if you want to add additional colours into your palette, you should, especially if there are colours that have some significance to you as a couple.

Darker tones such as blacks and greys are elegant and classic while still having an alternative edge.

Use suppliers and partners who share your values

Whether you have a specific vision in mind or you’re looking for inspiration, you should use suppliers and partners who share your values and want to make your day as personal to you as possible. If, for example, you are particularly concerned about the environmental impact of your wedding, you should look for suppliers who specialise in using sustainable or recycled materials.

Go all out with the outfits

Whilst the traditional white dress and three-piece suit are classics, you don’t have to stick to them if you want to be unconventional and put more of a personal stamp on your outfits. You could personalise your outfits with embellishments that symbolise important moments from your relationship, swap out a veil for a headdress, or you could leave the white dress altogether and opt for bright colours and patterns. The important thing is to pick outfits that you feel the most comfortable with.

Subvert food expectations

Our final alternative wedding idea is to subvert food expectations by adding in some more unusual dishes and snacks, having a custom cocktail created, or by substituting some of the traditional staples altogether, such as a ‘cake’ made from wheels of cheese instead of a traditional wedding cake if you prefer savoury to sweet.


Whilst many traditional elements of a conventional wedding are time-honoured staples, opting for alternative styles and décor is a great way to put a personal stamp on the design of the wedding and allows you to have a much more distinctive celebration.