Eco Friendly Wedding and Event Hire Company – based in Devon

Who are we and what do we offer? I am Stacey Gray, the owner of Glas Collection and Glas Events. My company started as an Event Hire and Event Management business, but due to the pandemic I made the decision to split the business into an online homeware shop and an event hire business.  The […]

Alternative Wedding Ideas for Unconventional Couples

Not everyone dreams of a conventional wedding. Whilst many traditions are part of the magic, you don’t have to stand on ceremony if you want to make your special day more personal. Here are a few alternative wedding ideas for those who want to make their celebration truly unique. Find a venue that holds a […]

How to Make Your Event More Sustainable

Hosting an event can have quite a significant environmental impact. The carbon emissions caused by travelling guests and deliveries, the resources required, and the waste produced means events are often far less green than they could be.  The good news is that the changes required to make an event sustainable aren’t difficult and are easily […]