Luxury or Sustainability?

Luxury or Sustainability?

It doesn’t have to be a compromise.

Getting married is an incredibly exciting time. There are so many things to think about and you want your wedding to feel like a visual representative of you. It’s your chance to be creative, have everything and everyone you love in one place, it will be a day or weekend to remember.

As a couple you may want to create a show stopping event or you may want something low key and intimate. You may be traditional. You may be bohemian, or wildly alternative in your style. There is no longer a set way to get married, no longer a set of rules that you must abide by. No longer a set dress code. Champagne does not have to be the only option for welcome drinks and toasts, and if you want to wear cowboy boots, a leather jacket, marry in a field, or sky dive into your ceremony you can…. Anything goes.

More than ever your wedding is about you. And I love this. Seeing a day represent a couples love and lifestyle, tastes and values, from all walks of life is truly an incredible thing to be a part of and I feel privileged in this. Weddings are a wonderful occasion, bringing people together.

But despite this, there is an area that I think is overlooked, that often doesn’t correlate with the values our generation hold dear in our everyday lives. We consider every detail and embrace people’s individuality more than ever before. But are we all guilty of forgetting something? Myself included?

What do I mean by this?

I am talking about the choices we make in all our purchases for our big day. Do we think about the choices we make in the products we buy and use? Do we consider where they come from? What they are made from? And what we will do with them after we have used them?

I know personally that it wasn’t something I gave much thought too. But that has changed in the last few years. 2020 is the year where this generation has really made waves about the importance of looking after our planet.  In our everyday lives we recycle, we are more mindful of where our food and clothes come from. But for our wedding, do we really think about this? And if we have, what are the reasons that we often still don’t use recycled, reclaimed and ethically sourced products as a rule not as an alternative? Is it that our vision of our wedding day doesn’t fit with our image of recycled and ethical? Do we consider it a lesser product and one not worth the risk? Do we consider it to be bland? And do we as one person really make a difference?

These are questions I have considered myself many times, and so I started to think about the changes that need to be made and what options are available for people who want to consider sustainability but don’t want to compromise on quality.

This got me thinking further. Could I offer a solution?

I decided I could. So, I did. I started my own company.

I searched for suppliers with the same concerns as me. I found incredible individuals, and companies that work with reclaimed and recycled materials, that source their products through ethical channels and that are mindful of their impact every day.

In doing this I found that not only were these individuals and companies embodying the same ethos as me, but they were offering a superior product to the ones that didn’t.

The result

The result, I am proud to say is the beginning of a hire range, available to you that is uncompromising on quality, style, and values. That is luxurious and contemporary. I have worked with artisans individually and through companies to ensure our hire range is handmade, recycled or reclaimed. I even make things myself.

From creating this range, it is my hope that you will hire rather than buy, and more than that you will hire considering where those products came from, who made them and the impact your choices are having on the wider world. You no longer have to consider what to do with all these items after your Wedding or worry about being wasteful. The solution is right here. I have worked hard to provide an alternative and I am sure it is one you will love.

Products made by the craftsmen of this world are valuable and last a lifetime. Hiring through Glas Collection, quality is guaranteed.  The artisan earns a living. Your day can be spectacular, and you can be happy knowing the positive impact of your choices.

Artisans should not be a thing of the past. When it comes to creativity and craftsmanship we should buy from the potter, the sculpture, the carpenter. We should turn to those that have perfected a craft through generations. And we should be the generation that work towards a more sustainable way of living. It doesn’t have to be an alternative choice, let it be the only choice. Let your choice be Glas.